From the Office of the Real Fake President

Made of felt, #DicktatorDon comes with a set of pins, meaning he is armed and dangerous, even though he is only six inches tall. However, The CIA have informed me that the pins are so you can stab him!  Aim for the underpants and this #DicktatorDon’s eyes light up!  SAD!

The intelligence services (those that still work for me) have intercepted a list of people the so called Artist, known as Dd, intends to send this deplorable thing out to. Those finding themselves not on this list are buying them up in like you would buy up apartment blocks in Manhattan.

Dd is a perfect example of a #loser and perhaps a #covefefe. No one knows if she is a #covefefe or not, but she might be.

She is gathering intelligence on what people think of me, using this device as a tool to uncover or disclose people’s thoughts, she is calling it a ‘social experiment’. We at the Fake White House are calling it a fantastic waste of time.

Dd thinks he looks much like me, but I think he looks much more like Alec Baldwin from Saturday Night Live. He has been described as a SHOCKING PARODY of me, your beloved President.  Orange tan, small hands, long tie and he will be wearing Jack boots. He does have fantastic hair though, just great, super hair. 

Do not contribute to this ‘social experiment’. Do not stab him. Do not take your photo with him. Resist all attempts at showing him off on any social media channels. The hashtag #DicktatorDon seems to be appearing on lots of platforms. There is even video!! WARNING: Video contains flashing lights.

Trump Bless America!

Signed:  Your Real Fake President