Meeting the man by Dd

Was really looking forward to meeting PUTIN but now I heard he has been making friends with XI I am not so sure - SAD - maybe fire some missiles to show them - but therapist says violence is not the correct response to rejection. IGNORE?  will sharpen pins instead...

How do you reinstall Twitter by Dd

Terrible news - KUSHNER has deleted twitter from my phone - can anyone tell me how to re-install it? Might need to get a burner if this carries on...

Starting to blog by Dd

This is NOT a good idea but my therapist and BANNON say I should. Say I should stay off twitter SAD. will ignore them but not tell them now.

Took months to find a therapist - impossible to find one that believed I was able to make America Great again.

She says that I am not a well man. I agreed - who would be with Fake Media ATTACKING me day after day AND sticking me with pins. She said she was sure that Media not attacking me with pins. FALSE. I will show her!!!!