DicktatorDon is a social experiment - would you like to participate?

Can you take #DicktatorDon into your community and record the feedback and the interactions? Are you able to share what you record? If so, there are limited number of #DicktatorDons that are being sent out to those who feel they have a need for one. The more funding we receive the more we can send out, at present we are able to give #DicktatorDons to 100 participants.

If you want to participate and to receive a #DicktatorDon, please fill in the form below, we will then make a selection as to who we are going to send one out to. Once we have made our selection we will confirm by email and post one out to you. We ask that you pay $7 to cover shipping costs and will tell you how to make this payment in the email we send out to you.

If you are not selected to participate then you can always purchase one from our shop. A percentage of the profits from the sale of #Dicktatordon will go to charities that have been affected by the new administration. 

Be sure to check out the blog, where we will regularly link to peoples' interactions with #DicktatorDon. Please feel free to contact us (contact(at)dicktatordon(dot)com) with any link you might find so we can track them.

PRESS: We also have an additional number of #Dicktatordon for the press. If you would like to receive one then please go to the press page and express your interest there.

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